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Purifier seals

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Sino-ocean Marine stocks and supplies various purifier seals, suitable for the following series of models:
Suitable for ALFA-LAVAL:
P100, P150, P600, P605, P610, P615, P625, P635, S811, S815, S816, S820, S821, S825, S826, S830, S831, S835, S836, S840, S841, S845, S846, S850, S851, S855, S856, S860, S861, S865, S866, S870, S871, S875, S876, PA series,PU series,SA series,SU series,MAB series, MMB series,MFPX series,MAPX series,MOPX series,MMPX series,FOPX series;
Suitable for MITSUBISHI:
SJ10T, SJ10F, SJ10G/GH, SJ11T, SJ15T, SJ15F, SJ16T, SJ20T, SJ20G/GH, SJ25T, SJ30T, SJ30F, SJ30G, SJ40T, SJ50FH, SJ60EH, SJ700, SJ2000, SJ3000, SJ4000, SJ6000, SJ8000
Suitable for WESTFALIA:
OSA7-02-066, OSA20-016-066, OSA20-02-066, OSA35-02-066, OSB35-0136-066, OSB35-02-066, OSC4-02-066, OSD18-0136-067, OSD18-91-067, OSD2-02-137, OSD35-0136-067, OSD6-0196-067, OSD6-91-066, OSD6-91-067, OSE10-0136-067, OSE10-91-067, OSE20-0136-067, OSE40-0136-067, OSE5-0196-037, OTA2-00-066, OTA4-00-066, OTA7-00-066, OTB7-00-066, OTB35-02-066

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