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Gas labyrinth and Sealing bush

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Original (OEM) and licensed high quality spare parts and assemblies for turbochargers, and turbocharger assemblies.Major components (bearings, oil pumps, and assemblies) can be offered on an exchange basis. (On exchange base).

We offer a fast and efficient delivery of spare parts and assemblies from the following manufacturers through a well-developed worldwide network.

We can supply turbocharger Gas labyrinth and Sealing bush, as following:

Suitable for VTR Series:

VTR160,VTR161,VTR184,VTR200,VTR201,VTR214,VTR250,VTR251,VTR254,VTR304,VTR320,VTR321,VTR354,VTR400,VTR401,VTR454,VTR500,VTR501,VTR564,VTR630,VTR631,VTR714,VTR750,VTR751 etc.

Suitable for TPS Series:

TPS48,TPS52,TPS57,TPS61 etc.

Suitable for MET Series:


Suitable for NR Series:

NR12,NR12/R,NR12/S,NR12/S107,NR15/R,NR15/R151,NR15/R171,NR15/R184,NR15/R216,NR17/S051,NR20,NR20/R,NR20/R149,NR20/282,NR20/403,NR20/406,NR24/R,NR26,NR26/R,NR29,NR34/R,NR34/S121,NR34/S152 etc.

Suitable for NA Series:

NA34,NA34/S,NA40,NA48,NA48/S,NA57,NA70,NA70/T9 etc.

Suitable for TCA Series:

TCA55,TCA66 etc.

Suitable for TCR Series:

TCR12,TCR14-41,TCR16,TCR18,TCR22 etc.

For the main assemblies and assemblies, certificates of various classification societies are provided (upon customer’s request).

Measurement charts and balancing test reports are provided for the main parts of the turbines.

All parts are supplied in accordance with the “General Sales Terms & Conditions”.

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