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Hydraulic extractor of valve seat for marine four stroke diesel engine

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Hydraulic extractor of valve seat for marine four stroke diesel engine

This tool is suitable for pulling and replacing valve seat ring on cylinder head of marine diesel engine, and diesel engine cylinder diameter is not exceeding 400MM.


1.With simple design make this tool easy to use and saving time.

2.The traditional method of replacing valve seats mainly relies on manual tapping, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and sometimes even damages the cylinder head. Our tool effectively solves the above problems.

Suitable for following four stork diesel engine series: 

YANMAR Series;


MAN Series;



 Operation instruction:


According to the customers' engine model we will supply a suitable puller tool for them. Firstly, we need to measure the inner diameter of the valve seat and select the appropriate pulling head and a claw pin shaft with sufficient length. And then we place the valve seat puller on the valve seat hole.

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We place the claw at the lower end of the valve seat or the joint between valve seat and cylinder head. And then we turn the screw rod clockwise to release the jaws until making sure the jaws and the valve seat into intimate contact. This action can be done with slight force.After that, we install the oil pipe and connect it to the hand pump.


We Press the handle of the hand pump up and down to make the puller lift the valve seat upwards.Until the valve seat is removed from the cylinder head

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