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Grinding tools of valve seat for marine four stroke diesel engine

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Grinding tools of valve seat for marine four stroke diesel engine

This tool is suitable for grinding valve seat ring on cylinder head of marine diesel engine, and diesel engine cylinder diameter is not exceeding 400MM.


1.The valve seat can be grinded effectively and with perfect sealing performance by apply this tool.

2.The traditional valve grinding method mainly relies on pneumatic tools, the strength and dimension is difficult to control, resulting in the valve seat becoming wider and wider, this problem and poor sealing performance, and low efficiency can be solved by applying our tools.

Suitable for following four stork diesel engine series: 

YANMAR Series;


MAN Series;



Operation instruction:

This grinding tool is designed for diesel engine cylinder head valve seats repairing work. It can be used for grinding and repairing the contact surface of the valve seat.


NO.1 reamer with the same sealing angle as the valve seat, we call it as angle reamer.

NO.2 reamer is using for adjust the width of the valve seat.

NO.3 reamer is using for grinding the contact surface of the valve seat and valve spindle.

No.4 reamer is using for adjusting upper surface width of the valve seat.

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We will supply the matching grind tool according to your engine model. Firstly please insert the assembled angle reamer into the valve stem guide sleeve hole.

1,Then rotate the NO.1 reamer clockwise until the corrosion or dent on the valve seat is removed.

2,and then use the No.2 reamer to grind and adjust the width of the valve seat.

3,The third step,We use the No. 3 reamer to grind the contact surface of the valve seat and valve spindle.If the surface width of valve seat is out of standard,

4,We need to use the No.4 reamer to grind the upper surface of valve seat.We can adjust the length of the reamer slightly, until the contact surface width turn into 2.5-3.5 mm.


All these work done, please grind the valve seat with valve spindle gently, until the surfaces are contacted intimately.


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