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SINO-OCEAN MARINE can supply air compressor spare parts such as: cylinder, piston, piston ring, connecting rod, crankshaft, bearings, suction and exhaust valve complete and parts(L.P. + H.P.), cylinder cover gasket, and all other parts. The company has been maintaining close cooperative relations with major engine manufacturers and subsidiary factories worldwide. The company is renowned for reliable purchasing source, stable high quality and reasonable price.
We supply a wide range of original (OEM) and licensed spare parts and assemblies for most marine air and refrigeration compressors of various types, as well as complete compressor units.
We can supply Air compressors Piston & piston ring, as following:
Suitable for TANABE:
Suitable for YANMAR:
SC5N/ SC7N/ SC10N/ SC12.5N/ SC15N/ SC20N/ SC25N/ SC30N/ SC40N/ SC50N/ SC60N/SC75N/ C300/ C370/ SC10N-TF/ SC40N-TF
Suitable for HAMWORTHY:
2SF4/ 2SF42(F)/ 2TF5/ 2TF54/ 2TM6/ 2TM61/ 2TM62/ 2TM63/ 2TM67/ 2TM68
Suitable for SPERRE:
HV1/120 HV1/140 HV1/156 HV2/200 HV2/210 HV2/219 HV2/220 V2/235 HV2/240 HV2/270 HV2/300 HL2/90 HL2/105 HL2/120 HL2/140 HL2/160
Suitable for HATLAPA:
L80/ L100/ L215/ L220/ L270/ W80/ W110/ W140/ W220/ W280/ W400/ W420/ W600
Suitable for SAUER:
WP60/ WP100/ WP110/ WP135/ WP160/ WP185/ WP220/ WP270/ WP320/ WP370/ WP8L/ WP13L/WP18L/WP25L/WP32L/WP40L/WP50L/WP62L/ WP80L/ WP100L/ WP120L/ WP150L/ WP250L/ WP255L/ WP295L/ WP300L/ WP135-YS-E
Suitable for SUCTIONGAS:
TCAX181465/ TXAW2216137/ TCAX2216146/ TCWX22/14AT/ TCWX221433

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